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Qbed is the place where we promote high quality electronic music

About us

Qbed is the place where we promote high quality electronic music from our own label and promote established regional producers and no copyright music as well.

We also represent a different approach to the music and music industry. A combination of various styles of electronic music such as EDM, techno, house, future bass, chill house, ambient, progressive house, and many more are beautiful where we create a journey for our fans and followers. Another trademark of Qbed is various music videos of beautiful girls in a specific loop that represent totally new way of visual concept and art saying that Qbed is one and only.

With his new single “Unaware” which premiered on MTV, DJ QB became a rising star. After a long road of doing music production, he is becoming mainstream. He plays in Kombank Arena, with names such as Robie Rivera, David Morales, Benny Bennasy, and Marko Nastic biggest one in Serbia. He gave his song String which was on BBC as a part of a documentary movie and BBC. With MTV playing his videos he was also on many other televisions as a guest. 

As a big enthusiast and someone who is totally dedicated to music, he doesn’t have a plan to stop with Qbed as his biggest project.

Qbed Interview:

DJ Qbed was interviewed by May music magazine. You can check that interview here.

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